Advantages of Handcrafted Stone

Handcrafted Stone by Sakala Stone Products is a lightweight, man-made, cement-based product colored throughout with all natural mineral pigments.  Because it is lightweight, no footing is required, making it the perfect solution for unfinished foundations, zero-clearance fireplaces, remodeling and new construction.  Seven beautiful styles are currently available in a wide array of realistic colors.  Custom coloration is our specialty.

Enhancement Advantage

Perfect for residential and commercial use, new construction, remodeling or additions, Handcrafted Stone adds beauty and value to all interiors, exteriors and landscaping.

Apply It Anywhere

Use instead of vinyl siding, on chimneys and fireplaces, cover unsightly block foundations, or accent an entrance.  Handcrafted Stone can be applied to any structurally sound surface made of wood, cement board, wall board, block, brick, concrete or metal.  Handcrafted Stone is safe for fireplace facades and wood stove applications.

A Solid Investment

 Not only is Handcrafted Stone less expensive than natural stone,it’s just as durable.  Maintenance-free Handcrafted Stone lets you enjoy everlasting beauty year after year.

Easy To Install

Unlike its natural counterpart, lightweight Handcrafted Stone is easily installed, making it the perfect project for do-it-yourselfers who like to save money.  In fact, it can be installed up to 5 times faster than natural stone.  Professional installation is also available.

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