Below are a list of commonly asked questions that have been asked by our Customers. Please use review the questions below to help you install Sakala Stone for your next project.

Also, please visit our D.I.Y Center’s Installation Instructions by clicking here.

What is Sakala Stone made out of?
Handcrafted stone is a lightweight, cement-based product.  It’s made with cement, lightweight aggregates, mineral pigments, a plasticizing additive and fiberglass fibers.
How much Stone should I order for my project?
Visit our Determining Coverage Area Page in the D.I.Y. Center of our website. Also, our team will be able to review a sketch of your project and provide an estimate.
What product styles do you currently offer?
Sakala Stone Products currently offers 7 Styles or “shapes” of stone are offered:  Country Fieldstone, Northern Weatherface, Castle Rock, Tumbled Rock, Seven-Springs and Colonial and Dry Stack.
What colors do your stone product come in?
We offer many standard colors and color blends:  Tan, natural, light grey, medium grey, moss, taupe, brown, golden, etc.  We also offer blends:  Manor Blend, Grey Blend, Fox Chapel Blend, Woodland Blend, Gettysburg Grey, etc.   Every color you see can be made in any style of stone.    Custom coloring is our specialty.
How do I select the stone products for my project?
Basically, there are two decisions to make:  What style of stone do I like and what color should I use.  Paul and Cindy can help you narrow your choices based on the look you are trying to achieve and the other colors you are working with in your project.
Do I have to use the same stone as outside on my inside fireplace?
No, you don’t.  We do recommend that you choose either the same color or the same style, so there is some continuity from inside to outside.  It depends on your circumstances.
Can I install it myself, or do you have installers that I have to use?
We specialize in helping Do-It-Yourselfers to have a successful experience using Handcrafted Stone.  IF you need installation services, there are several installers whom we recommend, or you can use your own contractor.
What kinds of surfaces can Sakala Stone Products be installed over?
Handcrafted Stone can be installed over any structurally sound surface such as o.s.b., brick, block, drywall, on foundations, etc.  No additional footing is needed to support the stone.
How does Sakala Stone install over wood or drywall?
Expanded metal lath can be applied.  It comes in 26” x 8’ sheets and is designed to accept a parge coat of mortar, creating a cement-based surface for stone application.
Which way does the lath go?
The metal lath is reversible; either side can be turned out.  HOWEVER, put it up horizontally, overlapping sheets an inch or so.  When you run your hand UP on the lath it should feel rough, DOWN will feel smooth.  Cups on the lath should be bent upward and it shouldn’t look shiny – shiny is upside-down.
Do I have to put a coat of mortar on the lath?
Yes, a parge coat of mortar is necessary to seal the lath and to provide a cement-based surface to adhere the stone.
Can I use cement board and skip installing the lath?
Cement board is an acceptable alternative, but be sure it is cement board and not tile underlayment or something similar.   No lath is needed over cement board.  You will still need to put a parge coat of mortar over the cement board.
Can I used premixed mortar?
NO, NO and NO.  Pre-mixed mortar uses coarser sand and an insufficient mortar-to-sand ratio to provide a good bond.  Follow our installation guidelines and use Type N or S mortar mixed in a ratio of 2 parts fine mason sand to 1 part mortar, by volume.
What about using construction adhesive to put up the stone. Will that work?
No.  In spite of what well-meaning friends tell you about installing the stone, please follow our precise installation instructions in the DIY section of the website.
How is the stone packed?
Most orders are palletized and stretch wrapped.  Smaller orders (less than 60 sq. ft.) are boxed.
How much does Sakala Stone weigh?
Less than 9 lbs / sq. ft, installed.
What about corners?
We make matching outside 90 degree corners for every style and color.  There are no “inside corners.”  Flats are laced into the corner from opposing walls.

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