Determining Coverage Area

Below are instructions to help you estimate the amount of material for your project

  • To determine the amount of stone of stone needed for a project, calculate total square footage of the project area. This can be done by multiplying length x height. Round to the nearest ½ foot.
  • Subtract square footage for window and door openings or firebox opening for fireplaces.
  • Measure the linear footage of outside corners to then determine the amount of corner pieces required. One linear foot of corners covers approximately ½ (.50) of a square foot.
  • Subtract square footage of area covered by corner stones to determine remaining square footage for flat stone. We recommend you purchase a few extra stones for cutting and trimming.
  • If metal lath is needed, use your Total Sq. Ft. of Area figure divided by 16. This will give you the number of pieces of metal lath needed. Don't forget lath for under the hearthstones, too.

Sakala Stone is always here to assist you in determining your coverage area. You can contact us or visit our showroom with your rough sketch for a free estimate and home design stone consultation.

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